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my self esteem has two levels

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The 8 personalities you’ll find at EVERY music festival.


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Women in Fashion: How is it different from Menswear?

I’ve touched a lot about women and their role in fashion. This week I wanted to take a quick step back into the fashion realm as a whole, and look into the way fashion is perceived, cultivated and created for the men. From the obvious start, though the gender differences are the first thing people will point out for the jokes, menswear is much more rational, if one considers fashion to be rational in any sense, than women’s fashion. 

Fashion, in theory, seemingly takes radical approaches for its art and also aims to be aesthetically pleasing to its selected audience. So much in fashion week do we see avant garde pieces, but only in women’s runway. Men’s fashion is much more rigid, and rarely strays from the authenticity of it being fully ‘functional’ for the working man and his everyday activities. It is very rare for it to be otherwise. There is a lot of talk to double standards and stigmas that come with everything in our modern society, but does this apply to menswear? 

With the flexibility and the jaw dropping aspect that women’s fashion continues to bring to the fashion community, the mass media, and all other effected realms, men’s fashion rarely does so. Because of its rigid and semi-constricting standards set from so very long ago, do we see the variation of the tailored pant, and the flip of the collar. Now in this day and age, do we see some designers take a point from its female counterpart and try something new and refreshing (in a way).

What do you think about making men’s fashion similar to the variation of clothes, cuts, and trends like women’s is?

JW Anderson’s autumn/winter 2013 menswear show ^
How is this different from the past things we’ve seen designers for men create?